Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My 2 greatest loves united!

By profession I am a lawyer.
By hobby I am a gamer - specifically tabletop and board games, not a Halo or Word of Warcraft gamer.

Well Lawyers Without Borders has invented a boardgame!
It's called "Record It!" and is designed to teach women in African countries (and probably other developing countries, but started with Africa in mind) the benefits of recording the births of their children. It emphasizes the value of recording information in order to obtain inheritance, business licenses and various other benefits from the state.
I wonder if I can get a copy of it for the local gaming club.

Monday, November 22, 2010

More News for the Naked Cowboy

I tried following up on the law suit story. It's still going on in the courts but no news is out.

But there is news about the Naked Cowboy.
He's running for President in 2012.
Surprise to me he has a BA in political science.

Listen to his own words - it's a hoot.

"I'm against marriage period"
he's concerned about the "demilitarization of America"
"secular humanism . . . is taking away our traditional values"